Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New year, Nothing lasts forever, I hope you enjoy it.

"But the stove has 4 burners so NOW you're done.. oh but then there's the oven. So you could stick your whole head in the oven and THEN you're done."
--Carrie, my hairdresser on learning things the hard way. (There you go Carrie, you're featured in my blog. Thanks for the haircut)

New years Eve. I hope you're all expecting 2010 to be your best year yet--cause honestly, who rings in the new year saying "I hope this year is subpar. Mediocre at best."?

I went to the bar again with the boys last night and ran into some old friends, who were pretty drunk by the time I got there. I got to listen to them rant about hockey, beer, and their girlfriends-- who I don't know by their real names because the boys affectionately call them "battleaxe" "nag" and "ball 'n chain".
It's interesting to observe the relationships between men. Two of my friends are not on speaking terms because of the competition between their fantasy hockey teams.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Kate Gosselin rumored to be starting a reality dating show-- I SWEAR TO GOD I called this months ago and said it should be called "Date Kate, be my baby's daddy x8"
  • Disney is set to release a new movie: Rapunzel. It comes out on November 12th 2010-- MY BIRTHDAY!! =D
  • Nicole Richie to guest-judge on Jan. 14 season premiere of Project Runway
  • Lady Gaga was hit in the face with a bouqet of flowers thrown by a fan at an Atlanta show.
  • Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson (Kate Hudson's ex) and new wife welcome a daughter
  • Robert Pattinson chipped a tooth.. get this, while flossing? Twihards are rioting somewhere.
  • Usher's new album has leaked to the internet... blame JBieber.
  • Tiger Woods dropped by AT&T... finally.
  • The Bachelor starts on January 5th with Jake Pavelka, seen on last season's Bachelorette (Jillian Harris). The show hasn't even started yet but there's scandals already-- apparently one of the girls is having a sexual affair with someone else in the bachelor house. Interesting. But don't jump to conclusions.

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