Monday, January 18, 2010

Fork In The Road- The Latency

Where would I be without such a lovely group of people crazy enough to enjoy my off-kilter nonsense? Off-kilter nonsense? Who talks like that? I'm so sorry. I'm just sort of giddy because I just DID A MUSIC VIDEO and I love you.


It was a long subway ride to the set of the music video. It gave me lots of time to think and ask questions. What am I going to be doing? What are they going to make me wear? Who am I going to meet? Why is this place so far? Why didn't I ask a friend to drive me? Why is there a man changing his pants in the middle of the subway station?

The song is called "Fork in the Road" by The Latency. (You may know them from their song "Tonight I Love You"). The music video was about teenage girls making big life choices. Drugs, sex, pregnancy, peer pressure...

The shoot was amazing. It was myself and 2 other girls playing the part of the "Glam Girls". The scene is of us trying to turn another girl into a "glam girl" when some athletic soccer girls walk by and we stare them down because they're soooooo not as cool as us, while the other girl that we're trying to turn into one of us, wants to be one of them.

It was amazing to walk on set to have the lights and cameras and extras waiting for us. We did some takes over and over and over. My feet were so sore, but I was really loving all of it, and the director and everyone else on the crew was so nice. After filming ended we collected our pay and that's that! Watch for the music video to come out sometime in February.
For now, here's a behind the scenes video of the whole hallway. We're at the lockers in front of the camera on the left. I'm the one in yellow.

I also have to use this space to thank my AMAZING manager Joe Kanee for getting me this audition and getting me my first paying acting job! I love you so much, your cheque is in the mail ;)

Another reason as to why he is the best manager/friend in the world: