Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Don't Care Where You Are, I Don't Care Why You Aren't.

"...he enclosed pieces of string that he used to measure out his body--his head, thigh, forearm, finger, neck, everything. He wanted me to sleep with them under my pillow. He said that when he came back, we would remeasure his body against the string as proof that he hadn't changed"

The things we're used to doing:
We spend 365 days writing 2009 in the right corner of our papers. After January 1st it takes us a few more days to get it right to 2010. In the summers we would drive to my brother's school on the way to work and then remember that he wasn't in the backseat anymore. You set an extra plate at the table, you set the alarm and say goodnight to the newly vacant pillow beside you. You try to get to sleeping and dreaming so you can see them through the night while they're not physically present in your days.

Sometimes as I'm getting into bed I reach for my phone to say goodnight, and then realize I can't do that anymore. Sad isn't even the word to describe moving across the country where you live and find that maybe distance was better for us. No one goes into a relationship hoping that by the end of it, things are so messed up and on such bad terms that there's no chance of friendship being anywhere near salvageable. Some things are better left unsaid. And sometimes it's better to leave things the way they are than making them worse.

You used to talk to someone daily, and now you don't remember how their voice sounds. You see their picture but you don't recognize their face. You don't know them anymore and maybe you never did.

Fiction. Kind of.

Today's Entertainment News

SAG AWARDS! I mentioned in an earlier post that Awards show season is like Christmas season for me. I think the SAG awards are my favorite. I was SO excited that my friend Patrick Gallagher won an award for best ensemble for GLEE!!!! :D
I don't know why it is that I don't cry very often during sad movies, or emotional episodes of Grey's Anatomy... but turn on an awards show and I'm sobbing. It's amazing. I get to watch every actor that I admire so much go up there and see their dreams come true.
I was bawling during Betty White's lifetime achievement award speech.
"I was only 88 last sunday, so I've still got lots of stuff to do!"
I want to be that old and passionate, driven, and still kicking.
I think Drew Barrymore said it best during her acceptance speech:
"I feel really sick and nervous right now. And that is a good thing because when you feel that way I think you are on the right path"
  • There's an internet rumor that Johnny Depp is dead... do not fret, Jack Sparrow still lives.
  • Hope For Haiti numbers are in, they've raised 58 million to date.
  • TODAY ONLY all purchases made on Lady Gaga's website will go towards Haiti
  • You may be hearing rumors of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt breaking up, but their reps are saying that this is not true and they are stronger than ever.
  • And here's a picture of Chris Brown that maybe didn't make a wise decision getting involved in this photo op. He's with designer John Paul Gaultier, who has makeup on to look like he had been punched in the face to match his boxing-themed collection during Paris' fashion week.


  1. I don't want to open my eyes today.
    After we parted and went seperate ways.

    Pick up the pieces and move one.
    But with you they are gone. My pieces are gone.

    I jumped in. I was blind. I committed my all.
    And now I just bawl with no feeling at all.

    The sun will rise brighter.
    The pieces will grow.
    And I will be stronger as I move along.

    Real. That was a very heart felt blog.

  2. Ya.. And do not go quietly in to that good night... and stuff.

  3. Oops. I meant gentle. Sorry Mr. Thomas.

  4. I've been slacking on blogging. Just read all your posts that i've missed the past week or so. I love this one.