Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Want An Indefinitely Long Blank Book and Forever

When it rains, I think about you. I regret not making room for you. Did I really need two of everything aboard when there is only one you?

I haven't heard my mother's voice for over two weeks. I've missed it.
I've even missed her talking to me about things I don't know anything about, and then her asking all the important motherly questions when I try to end the phone call.
"Have you been eating well? Are you wearing mittens when you go outside? Are you studying lots?"
-Mom, I gotta go-
"Are you getting enough sleep? What time did you go to sleep last night? Why aren't you sleeping more?"
-Mom, I really have to go-
"How's the weather? Are you remembering to turn the lights off when you leave the room? Don't waste electricity. Did you call your grandparents? What did you have for supper last night?"
-Mom!!- ..and then she reels me in for a longer phone conversation when she asks about boys. I loooove when she asks about my love life and I love when she gets protective. She says funny things.
"Maybe he should just date dumb girls" or "don't worry, one day you'll get married"
Okay Mom, thanks.

When I miss her the most is when I'm up at 3 am and I'm hungry. She used to make me scrambled eggs at any time of the night when I was little... but now, even if we were living in the same city, same house... I would be put in my place real fast if I woke her up to make me eggs. She doesn't take shit from anybody, and I love that about her.
I'm pretty sure she knows the things that I've ever tried to hide from her throughout my life... How do parents do that? Is there a manual I'll get to read one day about how to read your kids' minds before they admit to things? That's totally my parents. They would know things that I didn't tell them about. EXCEPT they didn't know that in junior high I used to make up my own permission forms for "after-school field trips" just so that I could go out with friends after school. Clever. I mean... don't repeat this kids.

My dad is the most reliable person I have in my life and he has the most patience I've ever seen. I will always be so grateful for how many family dinners he missed, or early mornings he put up with whenever I'd come along and pull on his hand to come play with me. It was never "No Marley, wait until later" or "let me finish eating". Always there anytime I needed him... EXCEPT for at my parents' wedding when I was screaming throughout the whole ceremony for daddy to take me to see the fishies in the pond. Understandable, and I'm so sorry for the chaos. Not my fault you decided to have me before you got married! ...But I suppose if it wasn't for the surprise pregnancy you wouldn't have gotten back together. Again, you're welcome!

Today's Entertainment News
  • GLEE will be doing a CONCERT TOUR in select cities!!
  • Tara Reid is engaged
  • Omarion has been announced as the newest judge for America’s Best Dance Crew
  • Tim Burton is releasing a new movie called "Maleficent" which is a version of Sleeping Beauty, told from the villian's perspective
  • Pemberton Festival in BC for 2009 is cancelled. Live Nation says that permits were not approved in time to organize the concert.
  • Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will be voices in "Happy Feet 2" which will be released in November of 2011, in 3-D. Elijah Wood and Robin Williams will also be returning to their roles that they voiced for the original "Happy Feet"
  • Rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are an item again
  • Jennifer Lopez and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS are the next guest stars on GLEE
  • Jeff Conaway (Grease, Taxi, Celebrity Rehab) fell down the stairs at his home and suffered a brain hemorrhage, broken hip, broken arm, and fractured neck.
  • Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Usher are joining together to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson at this year's Grammys.
  • Farrah Abraham (From MTV's "Teen Mom" show) was assaulted by her mother who was then arrested. Earlier in the season the show caught footage of an argument the two were having and the mother struck the teen mother. In an interview she said she would never do that and it was so out of character for her. The police reports from this incident say that the mother had Farrah by the throat and hit her again
  • There's currently an auction on E-Bay to meet Scarlett Johansson, with the money going to Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund
  • Robert Pattinson will be hosting the "Hope For Haiti" telethon, organized by George Clooney
  • There are pictures floating around on the internet of Nadya Suleman (Octomom) modelling a bikini... I need to pick up some purelle... for my eyes.
  • New song by Taylor Swift from the movie "Valentines Day" called "Today was a Fairytale"