Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Wonder How Much Time We'll Spend Pointlessly Chasing Things Instead Of Laughing

Sometimes my hand starts to burn and I am convinced we are writing the same word at the same moment.

I reread all of my blog posts and found there are many recurring themes and many things that I have shared about myself.
In a nutshell, here it is:

Hi, my name is Marley. I like to drink red wine, watch Walter Matthau movies, and I don't sleep often- and I don't drink coffee. I've had my heart broken a few times but it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I moved out when I was 18 and I have no problem picking up and going somewhere new in search of excitement. I have a lot of ambitions. Acting, entertainment news, and performing are my passions. Life is good. And I adore my parents-- although I need to figure out where to draw the line between parent and friend so I can avoid bringing up completely inappropriate parent-child conversations, and not embarrass my mom in public. When I was younger I used to tell people Sandra Bullock was my mom. I made up a lot of weird stories when I was younger. I started getting telemarketers calling my number for "Marlise Labeouf" which is a hint that I use my fake name too often and for not good enough reasons.

Oh, and I want you to be dangerous.

Today's Entertainment News
Grammy night! Things you can look forward to:
  1. J-Lo is presenting, and if we're lucky, she'll wear something along the lines of.. nothing. Like in 2000 
  2. Rihanna will be attending the awards show alone. Remember, she kinda missed it last year
  3. There will be talk of Haiti. Lots.
  4. Lady Gaga and Elton John opening the show together!
  5. A 3D tribute to Michael Jackson
  6. Michael Jackson's kids are making an appearance on stage as well
  7. Travis Barker performing with Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne
  8. The Cast of the Broadway show, American Idiot will join with Green Day for a performance.
  9. Possible reunion of nominees, Taylor Swift and Kanye West?


  1. Wow! I see the makings of a made for TV movie.

  2. Haha you think so?
    Who would play me?!

  3. hmmmm... you - possibly Jordana Brewster or Kate Beckinsale.

  4. Kate Beckinsale is my female celebrity crush!

    I think more exciting things would have to happen in my life to make a tv movie. Thats very nice of you to say though!