Saturday, January 9, 2010

Once In A While, I'm Human.

"You know those software statements? 'By opening this package you agree to abide by etc...' I think you effectively sign a contract like that when you have your first kiss, and it's an agreement renewed and extended with every subsequent kiss: I agree that by participating in this kiss I am willing to have my heart smashed to pieces in return for this one moment of bliss"

I don't often come out and tell the world my deepest personal thoughts- not in a online blog post that is. I'll often hide them behind an obscure and ambiguous set of words and metaphors. I sat down today with a pen and paper and nothing came, so I'll just come out and say it: Today is rough. Today things are out of reach. Today is a strawberries, nutella, wine, and Walter Matthau kind of day.
...Oh who am I kidding? Those things could be involved in any kind of day because they make me happy. The only difference is that today I will be enjoying them without getting out of bed.

Sometimes you just need those days. I'm not ashamed. Just tired.

Today's Entertainment News
  • This story is pretty outrageous. Keanu Reeves has been involved in a paternity suit by a woman who claims that her 4 adult children were fathered by him. Although he says he has never met the woman, AND the fact that the DNA tests were negative, she still insists that he is the father. Here are her ridiculous reasons why:
    1. He knows hypnosis, and he uses it to tamper with the test results
    2. He is a master of disguise, and according to her, he used this to pass himself off as her ex husband so they could be together.
    She refuses to accept the possibility that it may have actually been her ex husband that she shared a home and children with. She also refuses to provide birth certificates or allow her ex undergo a DNA test to prove his paternity. ...I understand celebrity crushes, but that’s just unreal.
  • Blake Lively has been cast as the female lead in the movie Green Lantern, alongside Ryan Reynolds.
  • Keshia cole is pregnant and engaged.
  • Halle Berry was in Montreal recently and was whisked through security when she asked if she could skip the long line up. This upset many of the people at the airport who were not rich and famous and did have to wait in line like normal people.
  • Artie Lange has been released from the hospital after his suicide attempt. He suffered 9 self inflicted stab wounds.

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  1. I have those days at least twice a month. . it's healthy!