Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running in Your Dreams, Waking Up Tired.

"You got cuter over the holidays, I think it's your haircut. Yep, its the bangs. They make me listen more to what you're saying. Not that I didn't listen before-- hey, are you writing that down? Stop writing down everything I say. Well you better quote that. I want to see a bibliography."
--Raffoul, Catherine. "Conversation with Catherine." Regency Computer Lab, Toronto. 5 Jan. 2010. Conversation

Now that I'm back in Toronto after a few weeks in Edmonton, I'm starting to really notice the differences between the two cities. Of course Toronto is busier and- I gotta say- more exciting. There's always something going on. There are parades and protests in front of my condo almost every weekend, and its very multicultural. I've learned a lot in the first few months of living here, and its been amazing. It's cool to tell my friends at home in Edmonton about all the new things I'm experiencing here that you'd never even know about until you step away from the bubble you call home and see it for yourself.

Things in Toronto that are not in Edmonton (other than me)
1. Hot dog vendors on every corner. We call it "street meat" and its DELICIOUS
2. Diagonal Crosswalks. This one blew my mind. All traffic stops and everyone can cross the intersection whatever way they want, even right through the intersection.
3. Birds aren't scared of you here. They don't fly away from you when you get too close, and apparently, pigeons have the right-of-way even more than pedestrians do. Pigeons waking in front of you on the sidewalk are just like those annoying slow-walkers in front of you in the hallway at school. You have to suck it up and slowly walk behind them or get around them. OR You could kick them (the birds, not the slow people in the hallway) but you don't know how they'll react, AND if you have a heart- which I hope you do- you'll feel pretty guilty.
4. In Edmonton, waving down a cab is pretty ridiculous. Who does that? In Toronto, there's cabs everywhere. No need to call for one.
5. Their transit system is AMAZING. I've never waited more than 5 minutes for the subway/streetcar. Also, they don't have busses, they have "streetcars".
6. Last, and DEFINITELY LEAST. I will never get used to it... Milk in BAGS. If you buy any more than 2L of milk at a time, it is sold in bags. For the first few months I used to take my roommate to Shoppers with me and load up on 2L cartons. But eventually that got expensive and ridiculous and I had to convert. I still hate it, but buying two 4L bags is much easier than buying 3-4 2L cartons... yeah, I drink a lot of milk. My roommate recently tried to put me through an intervention. Nuh uh girlfriend.

On another note, my 13 year old brother is learning "Thats what she said" jokes. At what age is it appropriate to hear this from a young man?

Justin Bieber. Sweet Jesus that is one lucky kid. He made it big after being discovered by his Youtube videos of him singing and had Justin Timberlake and Usher fighting over him for a record deal in the same week. Now he's travelling the world with his mom at 15, has screaming teenage girls everywhere he goes, hanging out with celebrities, and on top of all this, he just performed for President Obama. I love that he's Canadian, so I support him. HOWEVER, Have you seen him in an interview? He can't go a few words without shaking his head to get the hair out of his eyes. Dude, get a haircut. OR perhaps its a cover up for a twitch. Hmmmm.
Did you know that people that are not fans of Justin Bieber are called "Non-Beliebers"? Haaaa!

Today's Entertainment News
  • Marc Jacobs got married
  • The rumors are true, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are ENGAGED!! ...they've been dating for three months.
  • Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) is the new spokesperson for JENNY CRAIG
  • Ex-spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Kirstie Alley, has started a new fitness website that plays off of Twitter. It's called Phitter and is used to encourage others to get fit. 140 characters at a time.
    "Phitter is a phitness phocused community and a gift from Kirstie to encourage talk or 'Phits' about health, diet & exercise, while making new Phriends in the Phitter-mmunity and having Phabulous Phun... Phew!"
  • Kate Gosselin has hair extensions. Woopdeedoo? See picture here.
  • Carrie Underwood is to make an appearance on "How I met your mother" as Ted's new love interest
  • Miley Cyrus on the cover of Bazaar Magazine (see here) looking very good. I'm thinking she got her teeth done..?
  • Mariah Carey accepts another award for her performance in Precious... drunk. You can probably youtube the video of her slurred acceptance speech.
  • She's everywhere... now Lady Gaga is going to be made into a comic book character in the Fame comic book series. This series will also feature Robert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, 50 Cent, and David Beckham. (New Justice League?). The Lady Gaga issue hits the stands on May 5th.
  • Lady Gaga has also teamed up with Polaroid for their new line of camera products
  • Whatchu talkin bout willis? Gary Coleman is in the hospital... exact reasons were not released, but he is still undergoing tests.
  • GreenDay inspired musical "American Idiot" hits broadway in April in New York City

EDIT: I have some spoiler information about the Bachelor Scandal. I've got details and names. HOWEVER, my roommate just pummeled me to the ground and threatened me when I was about to tell her and she said I cannot release this information. So if you'd like to know, message me or google it. xo.


  1. Justin Bieber needs to learn to speak without sounding like a complete douche...

    PS.. I wouldn't advise kicking the birds or the squirells in Toronto as I'm pretty sure they're all diseased with something or other.. I think the tranny's on Jarvis keep some of them as pets.

  2. Thank you Marls! Appreciate it!