Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slow Dreamed Punches

It might seem obvious that we know our dreams from our waking life. If someone asks you how you can be sure, really sure, that you do not every morning fall asleep from the reality of flying through clouds and speaking with animals and cascading through time, to the dream life of going to school and doing the dishes and always seeing the same people again and again, you don't really have to argue with them. Or so it might seem.

I can't sleep, even if I wanted to anyway. Recurring theme of my blog, right? No sleep.
"You should write more about your insomnia. I think its hilarious"-- I'm glad you're amused by it Sean.
I'm not miserable about my lack of sleep, it just happens. Not sleeping gives me lots of time to think and be creative and conjure up stories in my head. It could also be argued that this is what's keeping me up. Vicious cycle.

I don't write about school in my blog very much because.. who cares? Who cares how hard my classes are or how brutal an exam was or how frustrating studying is? No one.

I do want to share this with you though. I had to do a research project on any health-related topic of my choice, so I chose to write on type 1 diabetes. Instead of doing a power point presentation like most of my classmates, I put together this video of my brother who was recently diagnosed with diabetes in March of 2009. It's just under 3 minutes. Don't mind the youtube quality. Enjoy.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Michael C Hall (from Dexter) was been diagnosed and is being treated for cancer
  • Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry are the new faces of proactiv acne solutions
  • Former President Bush and Al Gore have joined forces to overturn California's ban on gay marriage. Trial is currently underway in federal court. 
  • Kate Gosselin has a new reality tv show coming to TLC. It will follow her trying out different jobs
Have you been watching American Idol? Did you see "Pants on the ground"? Amazing.


  1. Not sleeping also puts awesome bags under your eyes.

  2. Great Project! Great song in your project! I hope "Pants on the Ground," stays grounded and never rises again!

  3. Unfortunately many people are already making covers for "Pants on the Ground" and I don't think this is the last time we'll be hearing it.

  4. I would rather eat a piece of raw chicken that has been dropped on Spadina, stepped on 27 times... no make it 28, and had a late night partier puke 3 feet away from it. Than hear that song or any version of that song play again.

  5. Life may to continue to be difficult for you, anonymous. Don't turn on your tv or radio or internet for maybe a few days.

  6. It gets twice as difficult because of the Kate Gosselin new reality show.

  7. If you don't mind me asking...What grade did you receive on your project?

  8. I don't know yet, I just presented it today! I'll let you know when I find out.

  9. i love your project! very cool. i learned something <3 thanks Marls.