Thursday, January 7, 2010


*Man enters elevator, presses floor 32*
"Ah, floor 32 hey? We're floor 25... So uh, this is my roommate. Cute right? And single!"
*Marley presses button for the closest floor and takes the stairs the rest of the way up to the 25th floor. Marley, very amused. Roommate... not impressed.*
"I'm sorry. That was almost worse than the time I ate cereal off the counter."
"...Almost worse than the second time you ate cereal off the counter"

WOW I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to hear feedback from everyone reading this blog! And I'm so excited that it's someone's homepage!!! ...okay, so it's my roommate's homepage, but that's still cool!!! By the way, Merry Christmas, fellow Ukranians. Say hi to your Baba for me.

My roommate said to me the other day, "Marley, I wonder how long I'm going to be known as 'your roommate' for."
Well teacup, for all you do for me, I need to protect your identity from stalkers. (Which I've had a few run-ins with... perhaps I'll save that for another day's blog post?)

I don't know what I would do without her. She wakes me up when I sleep in too late, she opens jars for me (which is a real concern), she closes my backpack when I'm walking to school and all my stuff is about to fall out, she reads all the stuff I write... and she's an absolute sweetheart. One day I opened the fridge to find a CD I had been wanting, sitting beside my milk with a note that said:
"To Marlise, Happy Tuesday, Love Teacup"

I'm grateful for not only the things she does for me, but the things she puts up with. My late nights, my early mornings, my "opera singing", my late-night piano playing, dancing to single ladies in our living room, baking so much and making her eat it, my Walter Matthau movie-marathons, the ridiculous amount of disney stuff in our condo... the list goes on.

We spend almost every minute together. We go to and from school together, we go shopping together, we're in all the same classes, we have the same friends, and we live in the same condo. Like a married couple. Thank you TIFFANY KINDING for being the best roommate ever.

Speaking of married, I've been wearing my ring on my left hand. There's a cut on my right-hand ring finger, so I switched it until it heals. I told one of my best friends here in Toronto that I got engaged over the Christmas holidays. He believed me and was not too impressed. Come to think of it, I still haven't told him that I was just joking when I said my name was "Marleissandra" when he asked what "Marley" was short for. Sorry Sean. ...Now you know?

If you needed another reminder, it's the new year. Which means its Award's show season. This is almost as exciting as christmas for me. Did you watch the People's Choice Awards last night? I did. And it wasn't until afterwards that I realized that I missed "Entourage"!!!
I felt scared for Mariah Carey as her husband assisted her up the stairs to receive her award. I hope she wasn't drunk again. But her acceptance speech was (mostly) coherent and shes a champ, as usual. Did you see they awards my mom won? I mean, that Sandra Bullock won? (Again, if you missed that blog- when I was 4 I used to tell people that Sandra Bullock is my mom. I'm not sure why.) Johnny Depp won favorite movie actor and very much deserved it. What a brilliant and talented man.
Glee won for people's choice Favorite New TV Show, and to thank their fans they brought... pizza? I was expecting them to thank their fans with a song in their acceptance speech or something... Dozens of caterers walked out with pizza to dish out to the fans in the People's Choice audience. Very sweet!

Today's Entertainment News
  • Lady Gaga to release third album late 2010!!!!
  • Upcoming and 20th season of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains- featuring all your favorites from previous seasons. Looks like an amazing season of drama. I may get sucked into this one.
  • Heidi Klum plans to launch two new maternity lines.
  • Hanes underwear has dropped Charlie Sheen from their ads after his arrest for domestic violence against his wife
  • Two Chinese movies based on the Dalai Lama were pulled from the Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • Interesting tidbit.. did you know Angelina Jolie has a mail-order degree to be a funeral director?
  • New couple alert: Kevin Connolly and Chloe Sevigny
  • Marilyn Manson (31) is engaged to Evan Rachel Wood (22). What?! Why?! They had dated before but broke up, and have now been back together for a month. I don't understand.. after their breakup he was quoted in an interview: "I have fantasies every day of smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer." --How... romantic?
  • David Hassellhoff left America's Got Talent to pursue his own TV show
  • Don't believe the rumor saying that Jay Leno's show was cancelled, NBC says he's still in the top spot and isn't fired... Conan however, may be in trouble. There's talk of Leno taking back his 11:30 timeslot, leaving Conan's timeslot up in the air
  • Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend move in together. He's 19, she's 17. They've been dating for like a month! What the deuce! Also, the tattoo you may have seen on her ribs that says "Just Breathe"... there's some speculation that it was a tattoo that used to say her ex boyfriend's name "Justin" but was recently changed after their breakup.


  1. YOU LYING PIECE OF @$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm never going to believe another thing you tell me. EVER. EVER!

  2. As much as I love Kevin Connolly, Chloe Sevigny could do better

  3. Agreed, Matt. Chloe is gorgeous. Apparently though, Kevin Connolly has been linked to Hayden Panetierre, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicky Hilton. Weeeeerd!

    Sean, I'm sorry. Tiffany and I have been laughing about this forever. I wrote in that email that I was just kidding, but you missed that part, so we just went with it. Marlise is good though.

  4. Oh Marley...really?...that pizza thing with the cast of Glee was disgusting! Can you imagine when you go up to accept your first Oscar having to be sponsored...and by Digiorno pizza? Poor Glee-ers!

    Sorry for comparing the People's Choice to the Oscars, but I had to for impact!

  5. It's people's choice-- they wanted to say thanks I guess! Meh, It was different. It caught my attention.
    BUT What would have happened to the pizza if they DIDNT win?!