Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why I'm not where you are:

We were about to go in different directions.
We did not know how to do anything else.

I'm back in Toronto now. Back to bagged milk. Back to school, 8-5 Monday to Friday. Back to acting and vocal classes. Back to teaching myself the Single Ladies dance on my spare time. Back to coffee dates and long-distance phone calls.

I never used to ask how people's flights were, until my roommate informed me that it's rude not to. I just didn't think there was much you could say about a few hours in a flying machine filled with recycled air and strangers.
Okay let's try this out:

 My flight was good. I read my book. I listened to my ipod. I talked to the person beside me about music and literature. It was dark and there were no clouds and I had the window seat so I watched the beautiful city lights below me. I could see in the window reflection that the boy sitting beind me was writing something on graphing paper. Perhaps a love letter. He had nice handwriting. Much nicer than mine. I don't have nice handwriting. I've come to terms with this. I thought about the things I want to write about and wondered why I'm in school for what I'm in school for. I thought about the time I spent with my piano before I left for the airport. I thought about the song I'd just taught myself and the symphony I'd love to compose one day. I thought about my grandparents and how much I love them and how I wear a locket around my neck everyday with their picture in it. I thought about how I called them and played the piano for them over the phone, and how I hope they loved it. I thought about how much I was looking forward to opening my mailbox after two weeks of being away and receiving the 10 Walter Matthau dvds I ordered before I left. I thought about how much I love Walter Matthau and how I think he is a flawless actor, and how much he reminds me of my Gido. Then I realized that I was thinking too much, which often.. no, ALWAYS happens when I should be sleeping. We arrived in Toronto just after 6 am and I had still not slept. I went to baggage claim and forgot what my baggage looked like because my Mom and I had switched luggage the night before. I recognized it when I saw the neon green and orange locks on the bags and remembered how I wanted to walk to the suitcase store on the other side of the mall to see if they had purple locks, but Sean told me not to be picky and just take the green and orange. Purple is my favorite color.

 Oh, what were we talking about? How was my flight?
..It was good.

I don't have much entertainment news for you today. It's Sunday. And I still haven't slept yet.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Youngest Jonas, Nick has kicked off the tour for his new side Project, Nick Jonas and the Administration. His solo project played their first performance at the House of Blues in Dallas last night. The name, "Nick Jonas and the Adminstration" comes from his nick name, "Mr. President", and he occasionally speaks about his thoughts of having a future in politics.
  • Matthew McConaughey, 40, and Camila Alves, 26, gave birth to their second child to make a family of four. They have a 17-month old boy named Levi in addition to their new baby girl, Vida Alves.

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  1. I'd say a flight is a flight, what's to talk about really? Haha glad you made it safely.