Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Boy Made Out Of Love Note Post-Its

What are you doing reading my blog right now? Don't you know its free Grand Slam breakfasts day at Denny's?!! All Tuesday, from 6 AM to 2 PM. Well come on, you silly goose! Get going! You're welcome! xoxo

If you're reading this too late or you're stuck at work then I guess you'll have to accept the consolation prize of reading my blog. Lucky you! Cause I have nothing very exciting to talk about today! Oh sure, I have lots of deeply written drafts saved up for you, but they're all emotional and I'm not feeling emotional today. I've got joy in my heart and lemonade in my belly. Life's okay!

My mom called/emailed me a few times yesterday and said she's worried about me. I feel bad for letting her worry because I'm sure I get my own worrying habits from her and its not good- don't ever let me worry. But I'm almost a little flattered too. Its a much different change of pace from her than "I don't even miss you" or "I don't want you to come home so I can change your room into an office!" (Jokes!)

But fo'realzies. Nothing to worry about here. School is good, I'm very happy with my acting work right now, sleeping comes and goes, and I had a date with a pretty hot guy! Oh, and I'm eating well. ...kind of.

I'm going back to Edmonton for a visit in just under two weeks. I'm so excited to go back and see my family, my grandparents, and be with my best friends again- Nothing against my Toronto-BFF's. I will miss you too. It always takes me a while for me to recover from Edmonton-Marley back to Toronto-Marley. Am I a sucker for punishment? Why yes. Yes I am. Third time's a charm.

Today's Entertainment News
  • America's Next Top Model- AndrĂ© Leon Talley has signed on to be a judge for 3 more seasons
  • Kate Gosselin releasing her third book called: "I just want you to know"
  • Kanye West walked out of a restaurant in NYC this weekend without paying his bill. He was upset that he had been waiting for his meal for half an hour. He ordered the Peking Duck which states on the menu that it takes 45 mins to prepare.
And here's the first in a series of funny Lady Gaga referenced pictures I can't stop laughing at:


  1. Climbing Eggy Mountains
    Swimming in Coffee or Tea
    I spread the disks with whip cream
    and planned to eat for 3.

    The music played and Denny screamed
    "You better leave the scene."

    So I left to chilly weather
    Running from the truth;
    I am a man with 2 feet, no tweet
    And... Mayer's not my name.

  2. roses are red, violets are blue, something something something.. something too.

  3. Actually, Kanye DID pay his $350 bill and added a $100 tip.. He just didn't eat!