Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do What Feels Wrong

Our fire alarm went off last night at 3 am. Tiffany and I both slowly trudge out of our rooms, tired and dry-eyed. Tiffany quietly freaking out, and me as usual trying to make a joke out of the situation; saying something about how its probably some dumb girls on the 25th floor who turned their stove on while they were drunk and set fire to all of their mixing bowls filled with chips and party mix (this is what happened at my birthday party. I don't know how the stove turned on, I can't explain it. I didn't even fully understand until the next morning). While I'm laughing and waiting for the alarm to go off, Tiff is delirious and disoriented and my sense of humor is not helping to calm her down. I'm telling her to pack her suitcase with everything she wants to save in the case of a fire.

She's living on about 4 hours of sleep and she's so tired that she's almost crying.
"My shoes... oh, my camera... Oh my god, MY TEXTBOOKS!!!!!"
"Tiffany, insurance will replace those!! Take your pictures! Take your laptop! F$&%!"

"Why is the fire alarm still going off? Why are they repeating the announcements?!"
"They need to make sure everyone hears that they're investigating and it's legit"
"Why wouldn't they be able to hear?"
"I dunno, People are deaf. People wear ear plugs"
"Who wears ear plugs? Oh I guess if their partner snores..."

By this time she's pacing, coming up with reasons why people wear ear plugs, talking to herself about if we should go ahead and evacuate... and I'm about to take out a bottle of wine. "Tiff, go to sleep, I'll wake you up if there's a fire"

Before she goes to bed she's genuinely worried:
"Are you sure insurance would give me money to replace my textbooks!?"
While this may be traumatic for Tiffany in the moment, this fire drill is a good practice for her to be prepared for a real situation. I've thought this out, I know exactly what I'd take: my locket from my grandparents, my autographed pictures of me with Bono, me with Gaga, and my laptop with all my writing in it!

4am. Back in bed. False alarm from the 13th floor.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Today is facebook's 6th birthday. Happy birthday Facebook, social interaction will never be the same because of you.
  • Did you see Lady Gaga's piano with the arms sticking up out of it that she played at the Grammy's? She paid $470 K for it!!
  • Eminem is supposedly back together with Kim, and she's pregnant!
  • Rumors of FalloutBoy breaking up
  • Julia Roberts to guest star on Glee
  • Joe Jonas to guest star on "Brothers and Sisters"
  • Sweet song: Mashup of Bad Romance and Steady As She Goes
  • Zach Galifianakis (from The Hangover) to host SNL on March 6th
  • Fast And The Furious back for a 5th film

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  1. Tiffany needs to get her priorities straight. Really Tiff-TEXTBOOKS?! Do you have any idea how many people you would piss off as you obstruct the fire escape trying to carry all your textbooks down 20 flights of stairs?

    Besides, if your place burns down, you will OBVIOUSLLY want the liquor. Marley has it right.