Thursday, February 18, 2010

Extremely Loud. Incredibly Close

Stuck between channels my thoughts all quit.
I thought about them too much, allowed them to touch
The feelings that rained down on the plains all dried and cracked..
waiting for things that never came

I gave away my absolute favorite book. Every sentence is a tangent, and I love this because I know that I have my moments where my mind is too. One thing about giving away a book that means so much to you is that you don't know if the person will interpret it the same way. I like to read to people. When you read to someone you help them to see the story the way you do. This one is slow and perfect and wets my eyes every time. Makes me want to call my mother. If I read to you I hope you'll be right there with me in a way you might not be if you read it on your own.

If you were to ask me what I'm thinking about that keeps me up at night, I couldn't tell you. So I'm going to start to take note of the things I think of before I go to sleep.
Last night's pre-sleep thoughts:
"Daughter to Father" by Lindsay Lohan may actually be the worst music video of all time. When was the last time My Chemical Romance came out with an album? I wonder when death comes, if it comes in the form of their fondest memory, like the lead singer of MCR says. I wonder if I get up early enough tomorrow if I could afford to waste some time watching music videos and the disney channel. I hope John wins an award. I want to go tandem bungee jumping. I'd be scared to knock heads at the bottom. That's not very romantic. I really hope Vienna doesn't win the bachelor this season. I wonder if I would ever go on a show like the Bachelor. Probably not. I hope Joe hears from the U of T soon and moves to Toronto. Shit, I have to pack up my room when I get back to Edmonton. Where the shit am I going to put my shit? If that theory of death and your fondest memory is true, what's my fondest memory? That's a lot to choose from. Maybe something with my grandparents. I miss when I used to sleep over there and my grandmother would make me a bedtime snack and then let me lay down with my head in her lap while she brushed my hair. My mom isn't very affectionate. Is it too late to change this? I hope I get to go on vacation soon. Somewhere warm. Maybe my mom and I can steal a dozen cookies from a buffet again. Dang, we're so badass. Is Kyle one or two syllables? Kyle? Ky-ull? I don't think I know many Kyle's. I wish I could rap. I'd be a badass rapper. There are some things I regret as I get older, I guess. There are a ton of traditional ways to be badass, and I missed the boat. But that's okay. It just means I have to be more creative. Catherine hasn't taught me any more Arabic words recently since I learned my numbers. I guess numbers were a lot to take in.

Somewhere along these lines, I finally fell asleep.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, was reunited with his dog who was missing for three weeks.
  • Tiger Woods press conference tomorrow to speak about the incidents that happened in November and make a public apology