Friday, February 19, 2010

I Don't Know Half Of What I Know, And I Am Grateful For That

If you are always miserable, at least you know where you stand. My problem is when im happy, I'm too happy. I'm clutching the string of a helium balloon. Manny's crying, "Jump, jump!" but I never do because I have no sense of distance. I can't see how high off the ground I am and what a long way down the real world is. I wouldn't say that my emotions are extreme. I'd say they are committed. My moods are the equivalent of Madonna's dancing: innapropriate but all-out. If i'm going to be sad, I might as well be the saddest a girl can get. And if I'm happy, I want to be the happiest. The trouble is, I feel highs so ecstatic that just being normal feels like a thousand-mile drop and being unhappy is excruciating

Today is friday! ...At least I hope today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday, so if today isn't Friday, then something is very wrong. Very wrong!

Holy schnikes!! I'm finished 1/3rd of my post secondary education!! What am I going to do with myself?!
It's amazing to not have any exams to study for (or at least pretend to study for) or assignments/papers to write! We had our final exam for pharmacology this morning and the night before an exam always seems harder than the exam itself. I'm generally very calm when it comes to exams, but I find myself more and more coaching Tiffany to pick herself up off the floor and stop stressing. I've decided to take a new approach. When she gets panicky, telling me that she's going to fail, I've started to say "Yep, you are. You're F#*!ed.". Honestly, Tiffany has one of the highest averages in our class. Reverse psychology won't hurt.

It suddenly hit me that I am exhausted.
I am now going to sleep for a million years and wake up tomorrow morning.

Today's Entertainment News
  • JayZ is involved in a racial controversey after the security at his Brit Awards afterparty reportedly banned white people
  • Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler will be returning to the stage this summer with the band... no more Home Depot performances?
  • Alexisonfire concert in Vancouver ended abruptly when a barricade collapsed, injuring 20 people
  • Adam Lambert got upset with a fan at his show who was on the phone. "You're not watching tv honey,  this is a live show"
  • Chris Brown appeared in court to report to the Judge on his progress while serving probation. He was sentenced with 5 years probation and 6 months community service.
  • Pamela Anderson is in talks to join Dancing With The Stars. Contestants for this season of DWTS will be announced after the finale of The Bachelor
  • Jennifer Hudson is the newest celebrity to join the "Got Milk?" campaign. ...I want to do that!

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