Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Share a Popular Disease

If I am electrocuted to death tomorrow, the first thing I'm going to do in the next life is learn to kiss all over again. I don't know what my actual first kiss was, but that isn't important. It's the first kiss that you can REMEMBER that's important, I think, and mine was wonderful. Well, it was something, anyway. I'm never going to tell that story. When I am electrocuted to death tomorrow, after I get over the surprise, that's the first thing on my to-do list for the afterlife. I'm going to learn to kiss. Or maybe I'll spend some time holding hands first. I don't know. Maybe I won't remember anything and it'll all be new. I won't have a to-do list. Things like holding hands and kissing will just sneak up on me

Let me be subtle here. The right words are coming to my lips a lot easier, my attention span is decreasing, there's an extra toothbrush in my bathroom, and I'm smiling more than ever.

I've realized that I have a thing for ruining potential affectionate/intimate moments with friends by throwing in some kind of cliche line or quoting lyrics or movies. These days, you can have intimate moments via anything. Text message and facebook especially. Intimate moments in person are harder to come by, I think. Anyway, I was having one of these inspirational uplifting talks with Matt Zhou about how good life is and how our friendship has grown, yaddayaddayadda... to which I ended the series of texts with "Live long and prosper"

I think in that moment I just did it to be funny, but sometimes I do it when I get nervous. Apparently I have strange ways of coping with being nervous. My vocal coach called me out on this the other day. When I get nervous or awkward I hold my hands together. I've been doing this for years, and I know I've been doing it but haven't put a name to it. I even remember in dance class when I was younger, or in rehearsals for the theatre productions I was in, my teachers/directors kept telling me to stop holding my hands. It's my coping mechanism. I can't help it.

The music video for "Fork In The Road" by The Latency is out!! I'll post it here the second it hits youtube, but for now you can watch it on! I have no more than a 10 second appearance but I'm pretty excited! The first thing I did was call Joe all the way in Arizona and I watched him via skype, watching the music video. I'm sure he got a little teary-eyed and then I heard the usual inspirational speech. He's wonderful and I appreciate him so much.

Today's Entertainment News
Is it true that Wayne Gretzky lit the olympic flame? I definitely polished off a bottle and a bit of wine last night before going out so I totally missed it! Did he deke out the protesters the same way he'd deke out defenseman? Does that image make sense in words the same way it makes sense in my head?
  • Madonna is set to be on a Reality TV show called "The Marriage Ref" where she will judge warring couples.
  • Rumors of a Beyonce concert in Brazil ending early because of gunshots are false

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