Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'd Asked For A Fairytale Romance. In My Defense, I'd Never Actually Read Any Actual Fairy Tales.

[6/6] And if the man who once upon a time had been the boy who promised he'd never fall in love with another girl as long as he lived, he kept his promise. It wasn't because he was stubborn, or even loyal. He couldn't help it. And having hidden for three and a half years, hiding his love for a son who didn't know he existed didn't seem unthinkable. Not if it was what the only woman he would ever love needed him to do. After all, what does it mean for a man to hide one more thing when he has vanished completely?

I receive texts in the middle of the night from friends who wake up with nursery rhymes/childhood songs stuck in their head, which I've put there.

If you ever need someone to tell you nursery rhymes, or give you ridiculous Disney trivia, I'm your girl. Or childhood sing-a-long songs, that would also be me. I had a good childhood filled with fictional characters who took up the majority of my time and imagination.

Along with waking up to texts with childhood song lyrics, it's also become a trend to be woken up  by phone calls from my crying girlfriends, because of their boyfriends who have time and time again, done them wrong.

We're shown at a young age from disney movies and fairytales that Prince Charming is out there somewhere and we'll find him if we're patient enough. Maybe somewhere along the line we get tired of waiting and we settle for less. Maybe we stop believing that he's real and we decide that Joe Schmo will have to do.

Screw that.

Find a man that will kiss your flaws and makes you feel safe. And beautiful.

Kids say the darndest things!! Here's a video of my 6 year old cousin asking me if I'm pregnant (Which I am not!!) and then us discussing what kind of person one should marry:

Today's Entertainment News
  • Very sad day. Marie Osmond's teenage son committed suicide. He left a note explaining his intent due to his life-long battle with depression, before jumping from his Los Angeles apartment.
  • Jim Carrey is a grandfather! His daughter Jane gave birth to a boy named Jackson
  • Aretha Franklin has a new album coming out soon titled: "Aretha Franklin: Falling out of Love"
  • Daniel Radcliffe filmed a Public Service Announcement for The Trevor Project, the leading organization focusing on suicide prevention efforts among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth
  • The Shamu show at SeaWorld is resuming after one of the trainers was killed after working with one of the Orca Whales
  • Tiger Woods' apology from last week has been chopped up and placed into remixes, available online. One offering is called "Ke$ha vs. Tiger I'm So Sorry (Blah, Blah, Blah)." Another features Robin Thicke's song "Sex Therapy"
  • U2's tour leads Billboard's 2010 Money Makers list, earning more than $108 million in 2009.Bruce Springsteen is second with $57 million and Madonna follows with $47 million. AC/DC and Britney Spears round out the top 5 with $43 and $38 million, respectively
  • Seth Green is engaged to his model girlfriend, Clare Grant
  • Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney from The Bachelor got married this past weekend. It will air on Monday March 8th 8-10ET/PT on ABC

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