Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lover's Trust- No Money Down

I've started to take disasters as good omens, like the death card in tarot decks. I've started to read the newspaper like people read chicken bones. Like somewhere in the mess you can tell the future.Where did they find her body? On the second floor? Don't invest in anynew business opportunities this week. A bomb went off in the subway north of the main line, not south. That's a good sign. The death count was an odd number. Now is the time for a new love in your life.

I ate cake for the first time in a long time. When I was younger, I went to my cousin's birthday party in a playground, ate cake, and then went on the tire swing. And then threw up. This is why I haven't really eaten cake since. We're all guilty of that, aren't we? Letting past experiences ruin the good things we could be enjoying from our present? I'm not just talking about food.

My cousins used to tickle me until I threw up, and I'd always throw up cheezies. Somehow I still really like cheezies- probably because it's a very important thing between me and my grandparents (who mean the world to me). We now have a "safe word" for when I can't handle being tickled anymore.

Edmonton, I apologize. I changed my flight. I'm coming home on Monday now instead of Saturday. I hope you can forgive me for delaying our reunion.

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