Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nothing Makes Me Happier and Nothing Makes Me Sadder Than You.

My brother and I used to play a game. I'd point to a chair. "THIS IS NOT A CHAIR" I'd say. He would point to a table. "THIS IS NOT A TABLE." "THIS IS NOT A WALL." I'd say. "THAT IS NOT A CEILING." We'd go on like that. "IT IS NOT RAINING OUT." "MY SHOE IS NOT UNTIED." He would yell. I'd point to my elbow. "THIS IS NOT A SCRAPE." He would lift his knee. "THIS IS ALSO NOT A SCRAPE" "THAT IS NOT A KETTLE!" "NOT A CUP!" "NOT A SPOON!" "NOT DIRTY DISHES!" We denied whole rooms, years, weathers. Once, at the peak of our shouting, he took a deep breath. At the top of his lungs he shrieked "I! HAVE NOT! BEEN! UNHAPPY! MY WHOLE! LIFE!"

"...But you're only seven." I said.


  1. I think you and your brother need to discover monopoly.

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  3. Nicole Krauss, The History of Love.