Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Park That Car, Drop That Phone, Sleep On The Floor, Dream About Me...

"I checked out your blog. It really surprised me. You're not as superficial as I expected."

hahahahahaha THANKS! You don't know me at all! :)
WHOA! We hit 4000 hits after just over a month of blogging! Thanks, readers!!
A friend that I haven't talked to since high school got in touch with me the other day. She said she loves to read my blog and shares it with the homeless Edmontonians she works with, who also love it. That's so amazing to hear and I'm very glad my words are reaching out to people I don't even know! So hey, people at "Housing First"!

Did you know Valentines day is on the same day as Chinese New Years?! Which one will I have to choose over the other to celebrate?! Have you thought of any Valentines day ideas since we last talked? Share them with me! I like to hear these things! But seriously, don't stress. If your girl/boy cares too much about how much you spent or how much money is in your wallet, maybe they're not worth it. In my opinion, the best nights are the nights when we can just do nothing at all. Just be creative. Don't even get her flowers. They're just flowers! They'll die anyway! But if you do, don't get her roses. Make her a card. Write something nice in it. Heartfelt. Honest.

I am sort of intrigued by old-fashioned romance. Like back when they used words like "olde" and whatnot. Romantic things in this time were simpler, and easier, and I dare say, more appreciated. Chivalry wasn't dead, and holding a car door was enough to impress a lady. Reciting poetry didn't get laughed at but was instead considered beautiful and important. These days you got these fancy pants romantic comedies where the guy is dead and leaving tapes by mail declaring his undying love and yibbida yabbida. Honestly? How is a guy supposed to compete with dead tape senders? Suddenly holding the door isn't good enough anymore. Suddenly you gotta die but have it pre-arranged so that your best friend will open the door for your wife on the eve of the anniversary you first kissed or some shit. These are the things to keep you up at night.

Today's Entertainment News
  • PDiddy is opening up his own Business school in New York. U of Diddy?
  • Boston Legal actor, Justin Mentell died in a car crash
  • Geoff Lloyd, former bassist of Matthew Good Band died
  • Johnny Depp is set to direct a Keith Richards documentary
  • If you want to check out what you'd look like if you were from Jersey Shore:
Aw look, The Jonas brothers being mildly funny:


  1. Yep, your pretty much the most superficial person I know. Its all the scholarships and shit. Get some brain, girl.

    ps what are you doing for valentines day?

  2. Men have become deballed in society today. Chivalry is dead, we're a bunch of chumps.

  3. Anonymous: haha thank you.
    And I don't know what I'm doing for Valentines day. John Mayer is playing a show in Toronto that night.

    Calvin: HAHAHAHA Chumps!! You said it, not me!

  4. Not all men are chumps! There are still a few of us left that live by the "code of old," or is it "olde?"

  5. Valentines: I plan to mingle with strangers so I feel I have a social life. Take myself out to a movie... Valentines Day or Dear John. Than grab a bottle of red, maybe chinese food, and cheap chocolates. Over look the city and sing to myself.