Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharpen Your Teeth. Sink Into Me.

She said, 'Believe it or not, I used to be idealistic'. I asked her what 'idealistic' meant.
'It means you live by what you think is right.'
'You don't do that anymore?'
'There are questions I don't ask anymore.'"

Let's talk about fears.

I'm not afraid of spiders. I'm not afraid of snakes. I'm not afraid of flying.
Come on, if you're going to be afraid of something let's make it worth while. I understand these are real fears, but let's dig deeper.

As I was trying to pin-point my insecurities, I realized that my insecurities are based on my fears. I'm afraid of divorce rates. I'm afraid of C-sections. I'm afraid of the ground falling out from beneath my feet.

If you don't know what's holding you back, how can you get past it? Now that I've realized that this is what I was afraid of, I can unlock my knees, stand up tall, and let go of the edge that was keeping me stable and holding me in place. Face it like a man know what I mean.

Tell me your fears. Please.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Tom Cruise has signed on to star in and produce Mission Impossible 4
  • Lil Wayne's prison sentence has been delayed so he can get some dental work done. The rapper has a cracked tooth which requires surgery, so he is being allowed time for the surgery and time to recover before being put behind bars.
  • Ellen DeGeneres had her first night as the new judge on American Idol last night, did you watch?


  1. I'm afraid of Failure. I guess it's a funny thing to think about once I actually start to think about it.

    -I came across your blog by accident and I've fallen in love with it :)

  2. Failure is a fair thing to be afraid of.

    Thank you so much! I hope you stick around and keep reading :)

  3. Being Complacent.
    Being Feeble Minded.
    Being able not to care sometimes.