Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Vision That Is Honest, But Incomplete

I want to come from love. And I want to do it all the time. I can’t expect it to always look the same though. I remember a friend saying that God loved his daughter enough to say no – something he had a hard time with. Sometimes love says, “no this doesn’t work for me.” Sometimes love walks away, because staying would conflict with loving and being true to who we are. And, staying would make it very difficult to come from love”
-- Jan Denise

Have you ever felt like a tree reaching with its only leaf for its only beam of light? I hope so. It's much better to have a heart full of angst and ambition than happiness and complacency.

My closest relationships are the strangest ones. Long distance, secret, and unconventional. I feel closer to the people that are long-distance, than I feel with the people next door. Tucson, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kingston, Montreal, Paris. Isn't the courageous thing about being free, being able to cast off everything you love? It is easy enough for someone who is not neurotic (though few of us are not neurotic) to cast off whatever they do not love. But love makes prisoners of us all.

Do tears for different reasons have different chemical compositions? That would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Today's Entertainment News
  • Oh Johnny, what have you done? In a recent interview, John Mayer talked very openly about his previous sex life with Jessica Simpson, calling her "Sexual Napalm" and says that she is like crack cocaine to him. He also dropped an N-bomb and is under harsh criticism for it.
  • Celine Dion will be returning to her Las Vegas stage in March for 3 more years.
  • Molly Shannon has landed a recurring role on "Glee"
  • It's been announced that the next Spiderman movie will be in 3D. Not really a big surprise.
  •  Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga have created a lipstick through Mac's VivaGlam campaign to benefit the MAC AIDs fund. Gaga’s is a “bubble-gummy pink” and Cyndi’s is a “light coral red"

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  1. Does Love make prisoners of us or is it fear?

    Once I loved who I was, the fears that held me deep inside, started to drift away.

    You walk away in love which makes you free. You stay out of fear which makes you the prisoner.