Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Are Thinking Of The Things Her Eyes Have In Common With Days Like These

Ice cream doesn't solve every problem. I know that. There are some problems that ice cream is not equipped to solve. The trick is this: You put that problem aside, just for a moment, and you sit down and you have an ice cream.

Love story: Take 1:

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with Girl. Girl isn't so sure about Boy. Girl breaks up with Boy. Boy is brokenhearted.
Girl, later, finds out that she's pregnant.
Boy is STOKED cause maybe they could get back together?!?!
Girl doesn't think so, and runs away to Europe.
Girl decides 4 months later that maybe Boy isn't so bad and to give it another try, and comes home from Europe.
Boy and Girl move in together and have a sweet baby girl, who they decide to name after a Jamaican musician and has the chubbiest baby cheeks you've ever seen.
Boy and Girl fall madly in love and get married 3 years later.
...And they all lived happily ever after?

You should all get a nice, wet kiss on your cheeks, then go out into the cold, dry air and feel it chill

Today's Entertainment News
  • Oscar Nominations came out this morning. Not surprising that Avatar is in the lead with 9 nominations.... by the way, have you seen Avatar 2? Check yesterday's post for the youtube video.
  • I TOLD YOU IT WASNT OVER! "Pants on the ground" has been recorded in a studio... without General Larry Platt (the guy who made it up) knowing!!! I smell a lawsuit!
  • T-Pain is lending his voice to a musical cartoon for the Cartoon Network.
  • Nick Jonas' Solo album "Who I Am" hits the shelves today... surprisingly, I'm not interested in this one.


  1. The ice cream is GREAT!

  2. I completely agree that ice cream doesn't solve every problem, but take it from a sage old man (the intelligence not the colour) that all it needs is chocolate chips...then it will solve anything and everything!

  3. How are you going to beat "Love Story: Take 1:" with a Take 2???

  4. It may take a few more years for Take 2 to happen.. which will actually be a continuation of Take 1, so we'll see!