Monday, March 1, 2010

Adulthood: Waking Up From A Nightmare And Realizing There's No Bigger Bed To Climb Into

I walked around uptown today for almost two hours talking to myself, and hoping I wouldnt see anyone I knew. I avoided my own reflection in the store front windows, and thought about the time you told me you always check my horoscope too.

Sooo... how about that international sporting event?? I can just imagine the amount of hangovers going on in Canada today.

My mom is trying to be more affectionate. She comes into my room early in the morning, announcing: "I'm here to be more affectionate". This is all fine and good, I just wish she'd be affectionate at a reasonable hour. Anyway, she'll sit in bed with me and we'll talk. Last time she sat in bed with me was 2 years ago to read my Biology 108 textbook to me when I was sick.

She asked me if my mind goes off on tangents around other people or if I just do it in front of her and the family. No mom, this is just the way I function. To which she told me... (jokingly?) to grow up. Then my brother told me that I just got "owned".

This kind of upset me, so I just stopped talking. I always think to myself when I'm upset at someone/something: "That's it. I'm not talking to you anymore. And if I have to, I'm not going to be enthusiastic about it!!" But then somewhere along the line I get distracted and start telling jokes about renaming your IPod to "The Titanic' so that when you plug it in, it says "The Titanic is syncing"
And then I remember! "WAIT! I wasn't supposed to be talking to you! Forget everything we just laughed at together, we're still not friends!"

I'm looking forward to returning to Toronto and the Groeneding residence (Groeneveld+Kinding) where my tangents are welcomed - and sometimes even written down and used in conversation!

While I was explaining this same story to my friend later that night, I poked myself in the eye while using grand hand gestures to show my enthusiasm for the conversation. I really fucking dislike hitting myself in the eye. It's always a huge disappointment to me and my dexterity.

Also, I've been swearing more. Which is un-ladylike, I apologize. The cast of Comedy Made Short is a bad influence on me when it comes to my vocabulary. I'm not complaining! CMS is the best part of my week.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Kate Gosselin has joined this season of Dancing With The Stars 
  • The cast of Glee will be performing in 4 cities for a concert tour in May:
    May 18 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
    May 20 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
    May 21 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
    May 25 Chicago, IL Rosemont Theatre
    May 26 Chicago, IL Rosemont Theatre
    May 28 New York City, NY Radio City Music Hall
    May 29 New York City, NY Radio City Music Hall
  • Lenny Kravitz will be joining U2 on their tour this summer!
  • Coldplay releasing a new album for christmas


  1. you don't need to be lady-like. fuck that double standard. swear if you want

    also, the titanic is syncing... you stole that from textsfromlastnight. nice try!

  2. I actually read it on a friend's twitter, I didn't know it came from textsfromlastnight

    I think it's so funny though! ha