Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better To Have Loved And Lost... Than To Wake Up Next To You Everyday

"Dad? You'll think I'm pretty crazy, but I wish I'd known you when you were little. I mean, about as old as I am right now. I don't know how to say it, but I'm lonesome about it. It's like-it's like I miss you already if I think about it now. That's pretty crazy, isn't it? Anyway, please leave the door open."

AGAIN! I woke up after dreaming that I had already gone to school, only to wake up to find out that I had not gone to school, and had to do it all over again. It's like waking up and knowing deja vu is going to happen because I already dreamed it. Or its like time travelling. Or its like waking up to a nightmare. Boredom. Boredom is a nightmare for me, because it is very, VERY seldom that I am bored. AW ITS LIKE GROUNDHOG DAY MINUS BILL MURRAY (who I have met and is a swell guy).

Every day I start out with a game plan. Sometimes I will share this with others. My roommate, my friends, my family, strangers, anyone who will listen.
Lately it has been going a little something like this:
DAY ONE: "Catherine, Tiffany, today I am going to try to focus in class" *laughter.
DAY TWO: "Catherine, Tiffany, today I am going to focus and try to take notes in class" *laughter
DAY THREE: "Today I am going to focus, take notes in class, be quiet and not talk back to teachers" *laughter
DAY THREE: "Today I am going to leave my phone in my locker... forget that. It's hard enough to concentrate, try to take notes, AND keep my mouth shut for a whole lecture. I've compromised enough with the school system"

Trying to be a good student is exhausting.
I think I'll keep trying for a few more days, but I may go back to my old ways.
I've been an honor student since kindergarten with my own methods, why change now?

Tiffany and I are loving rollerblading to school. We get there in seven minutes which is amazing cause I get to sleep in a bit more. The way to school is mostly all down-hill so I just glide all the way to school. Coming home though is a little bit more of a workout. It's wonderful.

Yesterday I found out that Lady Gaga (who I have met twice) is coming back to Toronto in July and Edmonton in August. I'm going to go to both concerts. Also, Kings of Leon (whose bassist, Jared Followill, (my dream man) I have met) are coming to Toronto in July! Is this not the best news ever?!

Today's Entertainment News
  • Kate Winslet and husband Sam Mendes have split
  • Ke$ha to perform on Idol this Wednesday
  • ESPN reporter Erin Andrews' stalker sentenced to prison
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have broken up

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