Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everything Is Remade As Reason

When I'd come in, she'd call me into her bedroom, take me in her arms and cover me with kisses. She'd stroke my hair and say, "I love you so much" and when I sneezed she'd say "Bless you, you know how much I love you, don't you?" and when I got up for a tissue she'd say, "Let me get it for you, I love you so much," and when I looked for a pen to do my homework she'd say, "Use mine, anything for you," and when I had an itch on my leg she'd say "Is this the spot, let me hug you," and when I said I was going up to my room she'd  call after me, "What can I do for you I love you so much"
And I always wanted to say, but never said: Love me less.

Edmonton, it's been swell, but there are noticeable things missing in our relationship. I give, and you take. And frankly, Toronto has a lot more to offer. No hard feelings?

I really enjoyed this comment left on my blog yesterday regarding my epitaph.

It's true. I'm really busy with not sleeping.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Katy Perry will be the voice of Smurfette in the new Smurfs movie
  • Beyonce has opened a cosmetology center in Brooklyn which will offer a residential substance abuse treatment program that will teach men and women how to prepare for a career in cosmetology.
  • Jenna Elfman gave birth to her second child, Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman
  • Joey Lawrence and his wife welcome their second daughter
  • Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart welcome a baby girl
  • Naomi Campbell's driver is apologizing for overreacting and accusing her of abusing him.
  • Conan O'Brien is taking his live show on the road for a national tour beginning in mid-April.
  • Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling to team up for a new comedy film together
  • Smallville renewed for a 10th season

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