Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Grass Is Greener Where It Rains

Some days I feel like all I do is sit around and calculate the odds.What are the odds that my roomate got a hold of the landlord before he disappeared for the last three days and that he isn't hiding? What are the odds that this chocolate milk carton I left out overnight has drinkable chocolate milk in it? I used to say "Life wouldn't be as good without chocolate milk," and I sort of believe that. But I don't know if we measure the goodness of life on some ultimate scale, or the good parts against the bad. If there was no chocolate milk, probably fruit punch would pick up the slack. Or maybe nightmares wouldn't seem so bad. Day after day, I'll do nothing but mindlessly surf the internet and try to remember to eat. I'll try again and again to begin stories, too wrapped up to commit. Then, one night, after I've gone to bed, after I have already written the day off as another day lost, the doorbell will ring at three a.m. I will throw on shoes and a jacket and I will head out into the night. The city looks so much better by streetlight. There's so much more contrast. The daytime rules all seem silly. The roof of a bus shelter is a perfectly acceptable place to sit. The middle of the road was always meant to be our sidewalk. Lawns are our beds, and we can lay back and look up at our stars. We can make love in gardens and on rooftops. We can throw rocks into the sky. We can burn anything that will catch. That first night throws the switch, and then every night is like that.

Daylight saving's. It always sneaks up on me, and I always hear about it through word of mouth. I'm always happy about daylight saving's time. It either means an extra hour of sleep for me or it means waking up with the sun. Or perhaps going to sleep with the sun rising, just earlier than usual?

It's been so long! I missed two weeks of filming with Comedy Made Short because of my trip to Edmonton... but we're filming again today!

I'm SO proud of my roommate Tiffany for making a cameo in our short today. Her acting debut brings a tear to my eyes. I can't wait to post the video (hopefully tomorrow)

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