Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heart Fight

We circled each other, slowly, staring each other down. A fine red stream coursed from our hands and chests.
“Not this time. You’re going down this time.”
“I hope you got your plot picked out cause I’m gonna BURY YOU.”
“I hope you kept your receipt, cause I’m gonna render you defective.”
“I hope you’re not asleep on the train, cause this is the END OF THE LINE.”
The ensuing battle resembled something between modern day mud wrestling and the second to last act of every Jean Claude Van Damme movie ever made. It would be three days before we collapsed on the couch, exhausted.
“Pizza for supper?” You asked, slipping your heart back inside your blouse
“Yeah, sure.” I replied, wiping the blood from my eyes.
“Don’t get onions though, Fuck onions.”

Some people are better left in the memories I've created for them. I could live off of just a name and whatever stories I could make up. Fictional characters have always been reliable to me. How could they not? The author creates them for everyone to interpret themselves. Then when the story is over, its up to your imagination how they turned out after the book is finished. Sometimes I have to do this for real people. It's better this way, trust me.

Today's Entertainment News
  • Lily Allen is getting her own reality tv series
  • Betty White to host SNL on May 8th

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  1. This post has opened my eyes to a few things :)

    P.S. I miss your early morning posts, but then again it gives me something to look forward during the day.

    I guess I'm torn on you're new sleep pattern haha