Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Figured, If I Don't Split A Hyphenated Word Today, When Am I Ever Going To Do It?

'Why do beautiful songs make you sad?'
'Because they aren't true.'
'Nothing is beautiful and true.'

I'm home in Toronto now! And I'm soooo happy to be here.

I don't like this question so ill answer it before you ask...
How was my flight? It was good. Turbulence was at a minimum, which is how I like it. I didn't think too much about death during the descent, which is also how I like it. My ipod died mid-flight so I spent the rest of my time conjugating verbs and predicting the events of next week's soap operas. Specifically general hospital. That show has somehow held a special place in my heart since the teacher's strike of '01. I also had a book of Pablo Neruda poems which kept me occupied for a bit. You may ask, "Why didn't you sleep on your flight home? Considering it was a redeye flight, you should have been pretty tired"... To which I would reply: "Do you know me at all?"
Anyone who knows me well or follows my blog enough will know that I function on an abnormally minimal amount of sleep.

I get some good writing done while waiting at airports. It was especially good this time because I had just said goodbye to my family who I will not see again for 6 months. My mom will be visiting me in a few months, but other than this, I won't be back in Edmonton for another half a year!! The last half hour in the airport was spent sending some emotional texts with my best friend, so I boarded the plane misty eyed and inspired.

Airports also inspire me because while you're trying to prevent yourself from being bored to death, or trying to ignore the loud snorer a bench over, they're somewhat metaphorical. Symbolic. Whatever. Ports of adventure. Ports of new journeys. Ports of goodbyes, hellos, excitement, loneliness.

I said goodbye to my family, received some words of encouragement, hugs (minus my brother who is too cool to hug his big sister), and I was off on my way to be an independent adult on the other side of the country.

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