Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Want My Own Dream So Bad I'm Going To Scream

I've been doing my part to save the trees. I've been making a map of my city, a map of every tree that ever meant anything to me. The tree closest to where I first kissed someone. I measured. The tree closest to where my brother had his foot crushed in a gate and I was terrified. The tree we buried my first dog under. The tree closest to where I first played Nintendo. All of the most important trees are on this map of my city. And I'm going to check in with them once a month. This is a different sort of environmentalism. These trees are my family, and god help the mother#$%&er who cuts one of them down. There will be no picketing, no petitions. There will be violence.

"Marley, why are you crying?"
"I was watching a movie that made me emotional"
"Oh, which one?"
"...High school musical 3"

Yesterday Diana and I left school early to get fitted for ballet slippers and then we looked at clothes so we can look legit in our ballet classes. I'm one step closer to my childhood dreams of being a ballerina!

How am I going to manage it on top of school every day from 8-5 including clinics and working with clients, filming with comedy made short and any other acting opportunities that come up, boyfriend, and vocal coaching? ...We'll have to find out, now won't we.

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