Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Until The Writing Hand Hurts

I fell back into my memories. The night passed in a fog. By morning I was still shocked. It was noon before I was able to go on. I knelt down and gathered up the pages one by one. Page ten gave me a paper cut. Page twenty-two a pang in the kidneys. Page four a blockage in the heart.
A bitter joke came to mind. Words failed me. And yet, I clutched the pages, afraid my mind was playing tricks on me, and that I would look down and find them blank.

Holy text messages from disgruntled readers, batman.
Readers, I'm sorry that I'm back in school now and not blogging every day at 2am like I was doing during my break. Do not fret, I WILL post every day!

I'm trying to adjust to a new semester of school. Meaning, I'm trying to set my standards higher. Meaning, I'm trying to be on better behavior. Tiffany is going to start pinching me when I begin to talk back to our teachers. I do it without noticing. Most of the time it's under my breath, or to the person next to me. Most of the time... sometimes I must deal with the consequences of my actions. But now I'm just screwed because our newest teacher has INSANE SUPER HEARING and heard me yesterday when I made a smartass response to her comment. I wonder if her hearing could be considered a super power. I wonder what my super power would be. Transporting would be sweet. Reading minds would be dangerous, but sweet. Wait, nevermind. Myself and my thin skin couldn't handle reading minds. I'd rather not know what you're thinking.

Maybe I'd want the ability to stop time. I could do a lot of things if I could stop time. I could sneak into concerts. I could find more time to study. I could stop time in the middle of the test, look at the answer key, sneak back into my desk, and continue.
I could sleep more at night.

Also, how hilarious is it that my class has found the joy in turning the clocks forward to get out of class early? Genius.

Today's Entertainment News
  • ShoWest to name Zach Galifianakis "Comedy Star Of The Year"
  • Charlie Sheen to return to the set of "Two And A Half Men" March 19th
  • Hilary Duff to write a series of young adult novels. The first one: "Elixir" to be published in October
  • Corey Haim died
  • Robert DeNiro to play Vince Lombardi in a movie
  • First Lady Michelle Obama has donated her Inaugural Ball Gown to the Smithsonian
  • Lindsay Lohan in a $100 Million lawsuit with with the E-Trade babies. She claims that the television ad for the Wall Street firm that aired during the Super Bowl and Olympics was modeled after her. It shows the talking babies that refer to "milkaholic Lindsay." Lohan's name was never mentioned, but she has famously sought substance abuse treatment. Her lawyer contends that "Lindsay is an equally recognizable moniker for her client — like that of Oprah or Madonna."

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