Monday, March 22, 2010

You Shine So Bright It's Insane, You Put The Sun To Shame.

Columbine, gave him her heart. He didn't really know what to do with it, as much as he loved her, and was careless with it. In the end, he lost her heart, she was left without a heart at all, and he turned into the character with the teardrop on his face.
I feel badly for Harlequin. Maybe he meant well but he just felt overwhelmed and unready for the responsibility of holding another person's heart. Maybe Columbine scared him off with it, maybe she should have taken more responsibility, herself, for her happiness. Maybe if she hadn't moved so fast, and relinquished her heart so uncomfortably and suddenly, then Harlequin would have settled into carrying it. I mean, he really did love her, and it's impossible to know how rare true love is the first time around. Poor Harlequin.

The hard part about doing big, scary things is that there are hundreds of small, unthreatening things to do, and all of a sudden they seem important, and I escape the big, scary thing by being otherwise "productive".

Check me out in a trailer for a romance movie I'm in!!!

Just kidding, it's this week's Comedy Made Short: The World's Worst Romantic Movie Ever Made... Ever!!

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