Sunday, April 11, 2010


Train stations may very well be my new source of inspiration for writing, especially since I won't be seeing any airports in the near future. I've written some good stuff in airports just because of the environment and all of the strangers you meet and never know where they're going or where they came from.

Every time I leave the train station I think: "this won't be the last time ill make this painfully long trip at a random hour".
But it is always worth the trip once you arrive at your destination.

I feel the same way about waking up in the morning sometime. Its no secret that I have the worst bedtime habits and don't get enough sleep. Waking up and feeling very tired is one of the worst feelings to feel, and it won't be the last time I feel that. But when you finally do wake up and get on with your day, its worth it.

My friend Sean told me that the voice of Jiminey Cricket was from Edmonton, and recently died. Somewhere in the world there's a boy looking for a conscience on his journey to becoming a real boy. Disney made bildungsroman tales so magical.

I had an amazing weekend.

Ps, I finally watched New Moon. Bella needs some Ambien. (-R.C)

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