Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Keep Your Crayons Sharp, Your Sticky Tape Untangled, and Always Put The Tops Back On Your Markers"

I saw Ernie Coombs' house the other day. I just happened to be in the neighbourhood, and I was informed that his was the last house on the right.

Now if you don't know who Ernie Coombs is, first of all, I shake my head at you. Not in shame, but in sympathy that you missed out on such a big part of life and Canadian culture.

Mr. Dressup. Yup! Mr. Dressup and his tickle truck hail alllllll the way from Pickering. I don't know what I was expecting but I was surprised when I saw that it was just a normal house. Just like any other house. I would never have guessed in a million years that a television celebrity that shaped my childhood lived there. What should I have hoped for? Flamingos on the lawn? A big treehouse with a talking crow named Chester to be chillin out in the front yard?

What I like about Mr. Dress Up is that he was American and later became a Canadian citizen. Right on, Ernie. You picked a good country to entertain for 30 years.

What many people probably don't know is the tragedy that struck his life, but he still carried on being Mr. Dressup and bringing joy to our lives despite the sadness in his.
He lost his wife in a terrible accident when a car crashed through a glass window and killed her. What a heartbreaking thing to happen to such a wonderful man. I'm feeling nostalgic and a little bit sad. I'm going to spend my afternoon youtubing videos from my childhood.

Lambchop? The Elephant Show? Sharon Lois and Bram? Eric Negler? Fred Penner?


  1. Toowit toowoo, toowit toowoo!

  2. Fred Penner and Mr Dressup will always be my numba 1 niggaz

  3. and why are all the people who comment on your entries anonymous? come on kids, show yourselves. don't be shy. it's the internet. nothing bad ever happens on here...right?

  4. It's interesting that the tree looks so different in person, but anytime it's through a camera lense, it looks right.

    As an aside, Friendly Giant kicks all those entertainers asses.

  5. Sweater Vests and Sock Dogs
    That's all I wanted to be

    Sleeping in the tree
    and playing in the trunk

    He seemed so dirty, but was so right
    He was the man for me

  6. I looove fred penner! I still have his tapes and will play them for my future children...

    I met mr. dressup once. I still have a hat signed by him.

  7. I now live in that house in pickering. It was a 50's bungalow that Mr D added an addition on to in the 80's to make it a split level. He did most of the cabinets and moldings, He was a superb finish carpenter - very precise. His electrical handiwork was more like a TV stage (extension cords inside the walls). I believe he was a set designer. We found a bottle of wine that he made, a painting on an old piece of plywood that he did, his golf clubs. Sorry, No tickle trunk ...We put his toilet out on the roadside when we renovated the bathroom - no takers - sad to say.