Friday, April 30, 2010

Running In Your Dreams, Waking Up Tired

I wonder if the ugly duckling felt stupid when he realized being pretty didn't magically solve all his problems

I can't go a day without having certain songs stuck in my head.

You really have to listen to the lyrics in the songs in your head. Perhaps they're stuck in there for a reason. In those little metaphors and juxtapositions, there are messages that your subconscious is trying to tell you. It's the closest you'll ever have to a soundtrack to your life.

It's amazing to finally have best friends that I know are going to stick around. And that through everything I'm going through, and all the fake people we can come across day to day, I know I can trust them and they'll always be real.

Also, HOW AWESOME, are Mothers?! I know mine is!!
I'm very amused by my Mom's co-workers' jokes because they say she looks too young to have a 19-year old daughter, so when she tells them stories about me they'll say something like "Wow, and she's only six!"

Today's Entertainment News

  • Frontman, Brandon Flowers, from the killers to release a solo album

  • Kings Of Leon to release a full length movie...?

  • Rumors of a Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry break up


  1. This is much better.

  2. She's perfect, so flawless
    I'm not impressed
    I want you back