Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Was Sick With Anticipation But I Have Been Cured!

I can do things after waking up in the middle of the night that I can not ordinarily do. Its like finding a secret pocket of time

Before I'm asleep, when I'm in between conscious and unconscious I start to see little fragments of my dreams, so I see my dreams before they happen. I know what kind of night I'm in for.

I've been dreaming about teeth, and amusement parks, and car accidents, video editing, and playdough.

Speaking of playdough, I've been revisiting childhood toys. Pollypockets from my time are much different from modern pollypockets. Now they're bigger, which makes sense. How many pollypockets were eaten in the 90's?

Tell me about your favorite childhood toys.
But don't tell me about your easy-bake oven because I never had one and I will enter into a fit of rage and jealousy.

HOWEVER, my mother's reasoning for not buying me an easy-bake oven was because we had a real oven to bake real goods in.

And now I am an excellent baker... If I do say so myself.

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