Monday, May 3, 2010

If My Heart Were A Compass, You'd Be North

"do you want anything from tim horton's?"
"yeah, a blueberry muffin."
"and if they don't have any?"
"... burn it down."

I have this problem where I get ideas and can't stop thinking about them even though I should be asleep. I also have this thing where I'll find an opportunity or an idea for something I want to do, and I'll research it for  hours and hours and hours when I should be doing something else, such as studying. And then a few days later I realize I don't want to do that and probably never will.

Therefore, I have a lot of useless knowledge such as:
How to move to Florida and get a job at Disneyworld
How to train seeing-eye dogs
How to deliver a baby
How to make home-made alcohol/wine
How to get a green card
How to become a nanny and teach english to children while learning spanish in spain
How to make beef bourguignon
How to play "Don't Cry For me Argentina" on the piano... with mittens on
How to audition to be perform in Evita on broadway in the UK
How to give a Rorschach inkblot test to roommates or animals

I should learn how to sharpen up my sleeping skills

Ps, there are 5 days left to vote for my diabetes video in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation video contest! Email with the subject line: I vote Video C

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