Friday, May 21, 2010

The Return of Mr. Dressup

You may or may not remember the post that I dedicated to Mr. Dressup. I mentioned in it that I drove past the house he used to live in, in Pickering.
Last night I received an anonymous comment on that blog post that I'd like to share.

"I now live in that house in Pickering. It was a 50's bungalow that Mr D added an addition on to in the 80's to make it a split level. He did most of the cabinets and moldings, He was a superb finish carpenter - very precise. His electrical handiwork was more like a TV stage (extension cords inside the walls). I believe he was a set designer. We found a bottle of wine that he made, a painting on an old piece of plywood that he did, his golf clubs. Sorry, No tickle trunk ...We put his toilet out on the roadside when we renovated the bathroom - no takers - sad to say."

I'm intrigued. Did the new owner of Mr. Dressup's house randomly find my blog?! I wonder what that painting on the piece of plywood looks like.

In other news, I'm going to Niagara Falls this weekend. I will continue to blog from afar.

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