Sunday, May 23, 2010

So Live Your Life Ayaayaaayaaay

Last night my boyfriend won $750 on a slot machine at the Casino while showing me how it works. We had been there for less than 5 minutes!

Now he's been 'quite adamant' (in his words) about how if one thing was different about our day, that may not have happened. Such as, if we didn't have such trouble finding an atm at the casino (which seems unusual), if we didn't take such a long break from being touristy to watch the sopranos in our hotel room, if we didn't drink an entire bottle of vodka and rap 'Live Your Life' by Rihanna and T.I before we went out.

I also think if I didn't make him rub the statue of buddha's belly (as mentioned yesterday) or agree to sit at the slot machine I picked out, or if we didn't have a long conversation about how he calls the tv remote control a converter... things would have been different last night.

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