Monday, May 31, 2010

You're A Silent Film

I want to take a deep breath and suck in the entire sky. I have been listless and angsty. I printed out a story and marked it up; it's on the floor and I can't be bothered to commit the changes.

I can be optimistic. I have every reason to be. The days are bright and growing long. I have ideas. I set unrealistic targets and I meet them anyway. And then I feel like I never get anything right. I don't make any sense. You don't make any sense. You are perfectly predictable. I have constant fantasies about doing the wrong thing. And then I spend five minutes to make sure I am spacing out my fingers right. We should destroy all the art we have ever made. Only that will set us free.
Holy shit, guys. I AM GOING TO DIE one day. I have to do something really awesome right now. What should I do?

PS, Today is my first day at the National Ballet School!
Also, T-minus 5 days till I get to add "Fitness Instructor" to my resume!

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