Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's A Hole In My Pocket That's About Her Size... But I Think Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Sometimes when I can not write, I wait for the happy thoughts to pass. When the darkness returns, the words flow again and make their mark.

I've been spending the last few nights staying up late, writing stories about writing stories, which I then write about on my blog. I guess that means that right now I'm writing in my blog about writing a story about writing stories.

I've been feeling inspired to write stories about broken hearted people. I think those are the most interesting of people. I think that when I am broken hearted myself, I am at my most interesting. Although, I don't wish it upon anyone. At the same time, I wish it on everyone. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus.

Anticipating a broken heart is similar to the feelings you experience before you jump out of a plane. You feel it all over. You're sick to your stomach. You can't think straight. You want to throw up and cry and scream and you pray to god that the parachute will open and save you. And although you're scared to death while you're falling, it's almost a thrill. And when the parachute has opened and you realize you're gonna be okay, and you realize that this whole time, it has been a thrill. That's when you actually realize, that you really are going to be okay. You'll live.

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