Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wake Up and Dream Once More

I'm trying to recall what my earliest memory is.

I remember one time when I was little, my daycare teachers told us we were having "seagull soup" for lunch. I sat at the lunch table and cried. My mom picked me up from daycare early that day. I think I was 4.

I remember another time, also at daycare, while running through a gate, the latch swung down and cut my eyebrow. I still have the scar. My mom also picked me up from daycare early that day. I think I was 5.

I remember the traumatic experience of having the chicken pox. I don't remember how old I was, but I think that one is my earliest memory.
[Late Entry: Mom confirms: I was 3. And super cute. -Her words, not mine]

My most vivid early memory was the day my brother was born. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, my Aunt picking me up to go to my grandparents house, and how impatient I was as I waited at my grandparents' house all day for a phone call from my parents. I was getting really upset when I didn't hear from them. I didn't realize these things take time.
I was 6.

Tell me your childhood memories.

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  1. I remember being in a grocery store pretending I was an airplane. My parents were in line paying for their groceries & I was playing in the store with my arm out flying like an airplane. I had my head down not looking & a lady pushing a shopping cart hits me. I had to go to the doctor & get stiches in head. My head was also bandaged & it looked like I was wearing a white turban. On the way home driving on our street I remember seeing my friends playing outside, so I ducked my head down from the window in the car so they could not see me. As we arrived home I ran right inside the house & headed straight for the washroom. I remember looking in the mirror & taring off all the bandages that looked like a turban from my head. I think I was 6.