Thursday, July 29, 2010

If All You Wanted Was Me, Then I'd Give You Nothing Less

Jared Followill and I made eye contact at the kings of leon concert last night. I am 100% certain that by look in his eyes he thought: "I totally remember meeting this girl 5 years ago in a shoppers drug mart in Vancouver and I've dreamed of the day we'd meet again and now my wishes are finally true at last, and my heart and soul are finally complete."

I'm pretty intuitive, you know.

And then my friend Steve drove us home- and I'm specifically writing this because I know he reads my blog every day. Steve is a good friend because he's always there for me, and knows to turn the air conditioning down in the car because I get cold easily. And because he makes me laugh when he tells me Jared Followill was spotted downtown Toronto at my intersection looking for me.

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