Thursday, July 22, 2010

If You've Got A Long Way Down, I'll Feel The Same

Part 2: continued from yesterday...

"Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn"
These 6 words actually tell a full story. Beginning, middle, and end.

Wherever you're going in life, whether you know your destination or not, you have to take baby steps to get there or you'll never get there.


  1. The idea of baby steps perplexes me. Why do we have to take baby steps in life to get anywhere? What if there is a place you need to run to? Jog to? Or wiggle like a worm to?

    Baby steps are limiting. It is stuck in the realm that you never grow up, that you don't grow any wiser, and you continue to have your diaper changed by your Mom or Dad. Not the case.

    Some people move beyond the baby steps and walk larger, run faster, jog lightly, heck even jump from place to place.

    Your six word story tells of something greater. It tells of the person that was not limited by baby steps but walked forward, made mistakes, enjoyed the park, met loads of people, and always arrived safely. And being a person of opportunity knew that 90% of the world were still baby stepping so he decided to make a profit and sell those shoes.