Friday, July 23, 2010

Take It Easy, World

I received a fascinating response to my blog yesterday. And I guess it means I want to make some clarification about these baby steps I've been talking about.

I'm learning that with everything I'm striving for, I have to start with baby steps. And absolutely, when I'm ready, then ill start to walk faster, and run, and move mountains, whatever. But I've learned in the past few weeks that sometimes hitting the ground running sets me back more than I could handle.

But I love the ideas I got from this anonymous reader yesterday. Whoever you are, you're so right. Baby steps are limiting. But eventually that baby learns to crawl, and then walk with some support, and then walk on their own.

I loved their take on the six word story:
"Your six word story tells of something greater. It tells of the person that was not limited by baby steps but walked forward, made mistakes, enjoyed the park, met loads of people, and always arrived safely. And being a person of opportunity knew that 90% of the world were still baby stepping so he decided to make a profit and sell those shoes."

Amazing, anonymous. I love it, it made me smile really big.

Isn't it interesting... when a baby is born, their success is measured by how much they weigh, and as they get older it is measured by the small steps they take and the words they learn. But then as we get older the pressure increases significantly. Our successes are measured in society by our salaries, the size of our house, and the relationships we hold, etc.

Take it easy, world. Just smile.

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  1. There must be something greater than the measures we use to define one another. It is a sad way that we remember someone by what they do, where they live, and who they socialize with.

    Here is another crazy thought... Why is it that a person could be a criminal, gang member, social out cast, yet when they die do to their dangerous life style they turn out to me memoralized as outstanding citizens, always happy and with a large smile on their face. Someone that would do anything for anybody and never hurt a fly. Could Comedy Made Short do up a satire of this amazing aspect of life?

    Thanks for the reply to the baby steps!