Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Shine So Bright It's Insane, You Put The Sun To Shame.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be making movies, not writing stories. Movies can have the charm of short stories and the breadth of novels, the combination of visual, musical, performance and writing elements is compelling, and movies have an audience.
I need to devote a day to reading my whole blog and picking out tidbits and one-liners and paragraphs and compiling them into a word document. In the pursuit of writing a novel of short stories, I've gone over the last few pages of my blog and found there are a few ideas. It may take me a while to go through 7 months-worth of writing every day. WOW It's been 7 months already. I'm not sure if I expected to actually write every day for 7 months when I had started this. I had told myself that it would be cool if I sat down for a certain amount of time every day to just write... and look where we are now!

I am exactly one month away from being on vacation. Not sure exactly WHERE I'll be on vacation, but I'm looking forward to it very much.

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