Friday, August 6, 2010

I Can Do This On My Own

Isn't the courageous thing about being free, being able to cast off everything you love? It is easy enough for someone who is not neurotic (though few of us are not neurotic) to cast off whatever they do not love. But love makes prisoners of us all

I've been thinking lately about the decisions I've made. And the decisions I didn't make. Which I guess will always lead back to the decisions I have made.

Like being offered everything you've ever wanted--- before you're ready for it. And then still reaching for it for months or years afterward. Maybe the rest of your life. You never know if it would have worked out or if you would be worse off.

I think of the "what ifs" but I have no regrets. I've got nothing but time.

1 comment:

  1. It is devastating the amount of people that live their lives by the idea, "What if?" It may not seem like a bad thing, but it turns into a disease wasting away at one's will to explore, push, and take risks. Even simple idea of walking outside becomes a chore because "what if it rains?" It appears in the form of fear and questioning, but the person is never looking for the right answer. Insurance companies thrive of the "what if" question.

    I am glad you have no regrets but don't let it turn into a disease.