Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I Don't Think That There Are Any Limits To How Excellent We Could Make Life Seem."

Old peanuts collections have the best names ever. "Don't hassle me with your sighs, Chuck." and "Duck! Here comes another day." and "Kiss her, you blockhead." Charles Schulz taught people how to live.

Remember the LoveGivesMeHope blog post I wrote a few days ago?

The posts I read on gave me an idea to make my own notebook of memories and moments.

Its such a nice thing to keep memories written down to look back on. I guess thats a big thing about the blog too-- that I can write about anything and even if I don't get personal, I can remember exactly what I was feeling when I wrote those metaphors or quoted those lyrics. Although its different because it's open to absolutely anyone in the world to read-- people I know, people I don't know, people I used to know but have chosen to not know anymore. That's one thing that I'm not sure how comfortable I am about-- that I can come back to Edmonton and run into someone in a bar and try to catch up, but really, they've been reading the posts I've been writing every day for the last 8+ months and they already know. Not complaining-- I put it up here to be read, I love to connect with any of the readers.

Anyway, I'm making a notebook of memories. Just one liners or small paragraphs. Summaries of things that happened that made me feel good, or special, or loved.

Even the small things, like being surprised with your favorite cookie, or someone going out of their way to tell you something nice.

Make more effort to appreciate the small things


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    PS I read your blog everyday keep up the great work