Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Know What You Want, and What In Your Life Is Worth Loving"

In Greek, there are four words for love:
Philia: love of friends
Eros: romantic or sexual love
Storge: sacrificial love, like love of parents
Agape: undiscourageable goodwill.

All four of these qualities should be at work in a relationship.

Why don't we have any other words for love in english? Maybe it would clear up some confusion. Everyone uses the word love, but how deeply they mean it, needs to be communicated. And then that communication can get misunderstood. Would more words prevent this? Or perhaps make it more difficult?

This morning I got together with my high school spanish teacher- someone I very much admire and want in my life for as long as possible.

Sometimes I learn more life lessons from my teachers outside the classroom. Things I've learned from her:
Don't get married young.
Always follow your dreams.
Demand good customer service, and take action until received.

She also just makes me feel so good about what I'm doing in my life, even though I'm always never really sure. Like today, she was so impressed and said: "Jumping out of planes and driving a standard car, what CAN'T you do?!"
And while it seems like praise that shouldn't be a big deal it all, it made me think- maybe I should be more enthusiastic about celebrating these small victories. Stop worrying about the big things that aren't reasonable right now. Don't borrow trouble from tomorrow cause it isn't here yet.

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