Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed next to the one you love and think....
"I could punch them square in the face right now".

Why is that the first thought after "Aww, look how peaceful they are"?


I went to the John Mayer concert yesterday. I was surprised. He played everything I wanted to hear and more. And he taught me that loneliness is all in your head. Your mind does the most F*ed up things when you're lonely. Or when you think you're lonely. Me acknowledging this won't prevent me from being lonely ever again. It's one of the worst, but most common emotions. You can experience several different degrees of it several times a day.

I saw lots of re-posts yesterday of yesterday's blog, so I take it that you enjoyed the video. Sweet :)
Enjoy this one... I sure do ;)

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