Monday, August 23, 2010

This Thing Between My Lungs Is Making Me So Tired

Something is not right.

Waking up this morning I should be energetic, happy to be home, excited for upcoming adventures in the next two weeks...

This morning I woke up. The room was spinning. I don't drink, fyi, so I promise you, I'm not intoxicated.

Its taking a lot of mental effort to get me out to do something. This is such a sad and strange feeling. Maybe all the "go, go, go" of the last year has caught up with me.

I just want to sleep and watch trashy tv like Teen Mom and Bachelor Pad and turn my brain to mush.

I'll be productive tomorrow, I promise.

(Does Jillian Walker have days like this?)


  1. Those are for sure my exact 2 fave guilty pleasure tv shows right now haha. Love it.

  2. Ok first of all... after I went skydiving, I felt "off" for like 2 weeks! The spinning - just feeling plain weird - stuck with me. I was very sensitive to sound, I think cause it was so damn loud in the free fall.

    Secondly, we all have our days like this. We both are "go go go", that I know. :) It's only fitting for it to eventually catch up with you. Today I was the opposite of you, obscenely productive. Tomorrow though, I can't wait for sleep and trashy TV.

    You don't always have to have your A-game ;) on Marley. Enjoy the days you have to re-group and relax.

    Hell, you're on vacation.

    Love ya lady. XO

    PS - Thank you for referencing me and holding me accountable to reading your blog daily. ;)